At the center of our corporate technical expertise is STA’s extensive Modeling and Simulation (M&S) experience. We use multi-variable, constrained optimization techniques to arrive to an optimal “system” design. We specialize in the analysis, design, and development of technologies for launch vehicles and propulsion systems. Our team has extensive experience in launch vehicle system and sub-system design as lead technical and/or management personnel in the SDI, NLS, EELV, Affordable and Responsive Spacelift, and FALCON programs. Our systems engineering process is well established and leverages our extensive M&S experience. We perform systems trades using anchored codes to establish allowable operational envelopes to derive and ultimately flowdown system/sub-system/component requirements necessary as input for detailed hardware design.

Analysis and Design Codes
We have many years of working experience in the following codes: 

Thermo-Structural FEA
» Pro/Engineer
» SolidWorks
Computational Fluid Dynamics
» Compact-3D
Analysis/Post Processing
» Matlab
» Mathematica
» Tecplot
» Fortran
» Post 3D
» EasyPost


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