Our principals are responsible for the development and update of many codes for the government in the analysis of propulsion systems. We have integrated our codes with state-of-the-art DoD or commercial codes for comprehensive systems analysis.

Combustion Devices
 DROPMIX (mixing performance)
 PcDER (vaporization performance)
 TDK (multi-zone TCA performance)
 HiFi (high frequency instability)
 Chug (low frequency instability)
 REGEN (regen cooled chamber/nozzle)
 GFSSP (fluids transient analysis)
 Rocket Propellant Pumps (pump
    geometry and efficiency)
 Hot Gas and Hydraulic Turbines (turbine
    geometry and efficiency)
 Coupled Rocket Pumps/Turbines
Engine Balance
 Pressure Fed
 GG Cycles
 Expander Cycles

 Staged Combustion Cycles

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